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Occupational Therapy

Become a qualified health professional, improving people’s lives with occupational therapy

Study at Brunel
Studying at Brunel and completing my two community work placements has given me a huge boost to my confidence
Allison, Undergraduate, Alumni
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As a research department you will get the best minds in Occupational Therapy teaching you.
Lisbet, Undergraduate, Alumni
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I got my undergraduate degree in special education, and loved working with kids. But I just felt there is something missing, and I found occupational therapy through working in a school.
I was attracted to Occupational Therapy because I used to be a teacher, and decided I wanted a change of pace.
The course was really well structured, and I learned so much; knowledge that I'm still using and imparting to others 25 years later.
Fiona, Undergraduate, Alumni
Occupational Health DipHE
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I would absolutely recommend Brunel to others. I got a part-time scholarship from Brunel, which helped me greatly.
Rawan, Postgraduate, Alumni
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