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Brunel Research A-Z

Find Brunel research centres and groups using the A-Z list below:

Accountancy and Corporate Governance Accounting and Finance research with special interest in financial statement relevance, asymmetric information, and corporate governance.

Accounting and Auditing Investigating current issues in accounting that include financial reporting, assurance, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and business models in large and small business entities

Additive Manufacturing and 4D Printing The Additive Manufacturing and 4D Printing Research Group seeks to understand the fundamental aspects and applications of programmable materials through layer-wise methods of production.

Advanced Powertrain and Fuels We have particular strengths in improving the efficiency and reducing energy cost of existing engines through developing low temperature combustion processes and their controls and regenerative braking, as well as unique methodologies for the study of fuels and engines.


AI Social and Digital Innovation Social, economic and strategic effects of AI and associated technologies. Impact of AI and related technologies on societies, organisations and individuals.

Anthropological Research on Childhood Youth and Education Cross-cultural understanding of the notions of the ‘child’, ‘youth’ and ‘education’

Applied and Numerical Analysis Focused on the analysis of mathematical models of biological, chemical or physical processes.

Applied games and gaming research Interdisciplinary research via and on games from the standpoint of applied games design.

Applied Respiratory Research Group Applied respiratory research meeting the needs of respiratory-related healthcare

Assessment of Structures and Materials under Extreme Conditions Thermo-mechanical modelling of metallic, non-metallic and composite structural materials; numerical methods development for solid and structural mechanics applications; experimental methods to support the development and application of advanced material and structural models.

Automotive Our industry-focused expertise is supporting the future development of new transport technologies, helping address the challenges of producing cleaner, more efficient vehicles and fuels along with integrated intelligent transport systems.

Banking Our group provides world-leading research on banking and financial regulation issues which is highly impactful in influencing policy makers.

Biomedical Engineering Research in the growing multi-disciplinary field of advanced technology as devices, processes and modelling to advance health through improvements in therapy, diagnosis, screening, monitoring and rehabilitation.

Bioprocess and Biopharmaceutical Engineering We pursue research into separation and purification techniques and associated instrument design/operation, to ensure further improvements are made in the speed, through-put, economy, resolution and efficiency of downstream processing

Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST) BCAST is an academic research centre focusing on both fundamental and applied research on solidification of metallic materials.

Brunel Composites Centre Shared research and technology capabilities, specialising in novel composites processing and joining technologies applied to industrial environments.

Brunel Education Research and Guidance Hub Focusing on investigating current issues in higher education including leadership and management, knowledge-behaviour gap, student and staff information literacy, building inclusive pedagogies, coaching and mentoring, community building, E-learning in Accounting Education and curriculum development.

Brunel Innovation Centre A world-class research and technology centre that sits between the knowledge base and industry.

Brunel Interdisciplinary Power Systems Power systems analysis for transmission and distribution networks, smart grids; congestion monitoring in transmission networks; simulation and analysis of new energy markets; optimisation of the design and operation of electrical networks; condition monitoring of power station and power system plant; energy-efficient designs for underground electric power cables.

Brunel Older People’s Reference Group Brunel Older People’s Reference Group (BORG) is a database of local people aged over 50 who are interested in Brunel and the research that goes on here.

Brunel Partners Academic Centre for Health Sciences Focusing on allied health, nursing, social care and medicine, the centre supports ambitious plans to educate the health and care workforce, supporting the delivery of radically transformed integrated physical and mental health and care provision.

Brunel Software Engineering Lab Promoting all sides of empirical and formal investigations of software artefacts – code, formal models and human aspects.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research Group Understanding the biological, social, physiological aspects of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and producing knowledge to improve cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Circular Food Forum Leads discussions across the “food chain” with the aim to improve resource management, through working with industries and Government to respond to global pressures of growing resource scarcity and food waste.

Circular Metals An interdisciplinary academic team (including macroeconomics, industrial sustainability, business management, artificial intelligence, product design, metallurgical science and materials engineering) and a strong industrial consortium involving the full range of the metals supply chain delivering the transformation of the metals industry.

Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience Fundamental and applied research into brain function using techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), eye-tracking, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS), infrared thermography together with psychophysics and cognitive behavioural paradigms in health and disease.

Comedy Studies As an interdisciplinary centre it considers the production, content, reception and wider socio-political implications of comedy in a variety of formats and from a range of perspectives.

Comparative Politics, Public Policy and Political Thought Our political scientists carry out cutting-edge research into institutions, public policy, elections, and public opinion.

Computational Biology Developing and applying novel methodologies for computational modelling, simulation and analysis of biological systems

Computer Science for Social Good Our group works with partners in the Global South to lead and promote interdisciplinary research in the field of computer science and social good. We focus on investigating and developing new ways and innovative technologies to address challenging socio-economic problems.

Contemporary Music Practice While many of the Centre’s activities focus on the work of its members, its seminars also provide opportunities to encounter the work of eminent composers, performers and thinkers from the UK and around the world.

Contemporary Writing The group facilitates, promotes and disseminates cutting-edge creative, critical and socially-engaged work within English Studies and affiliated fields.

Creative Computing Multidisciplinary research at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning), serious and fun gaming, and cognitive modelling to simulate a physical world either as a virtual, augmented or mixed reality environment.

Culture and Evolution Evolution and culture are the two most fundamental and powerful influences on human behaviour, and their effects are what we study at the Centre for Culture and Evolution.

DAP-Lab A cross-media lab exploring convergences between performance, telematics, textile/fashion design and movement, clothing and choreography, visual expression, film/photography, and interactive design.

Design and Manufacturing Developing products, services and manufacturing processes that will deliver economically and environmentally sustainable solutions, based on design principles derived from an understanding of human capabilities and limitations.

Design for Sustainability We focus on developing the theory and practice required to design solutions that foster environmental, socio-ethical and economic sustainability in areas ranging from materials and manufacturing to products, services, business models, bottom-up initiatives and socio-technical systems.

Digital Design Lab User-centred research, innovation, consultancy and knowledge transfer aimed at design, development and evaluation of innovative digital and digital-physical systems, products, services and experiences.

Digital Economy Focusing on international digital economy research capability in areas including cyber security, trust, identity and privacy challenges, and big data analytics.

Digital Manufacturing Being at the forefront of solutions for building smart machines, we create an operational framework for the digital transformation to Industry 4.0.

Digital Process and Simulation

经济发展和机构 Research activities in this area cover economic development, institutional economics, political economy, labour economics, behavioural economics, economics of conflict, economic and political aspects of European integration.

Education, Identities and Society Research at the intersection of Education, Sociology, Human Geography, Youth Studies and Digital Presence.

Electronic Systems Investigating processes and mechanisms found in nature to inspire alternative approaches to the design and implementation of intelligent electronic systems.

Embodiment in Academic and Professional Practice Development of an enhanced awareness of bodies as sensors of crucial information about ourselves and our reality; Enhancing our performance as human beings, practitioners, researchers and educators.

Emerging Energy Technologies

Empirical Finance We use state-of-the-art econometrics to analyse issues with crucial business or policy implications, providing assistance to policy makers and market participants

Energy Efficient and Sustainable Technologies Thermal systems including renewable systems and their application; Single and two-phase heat transfer processes–enhanced heat transfer; Refrigeration; Heating-cooling and ventilating systems; cooling of electronics; Coatings and nanofluids in thermal applications; Modelling and energy efficiency in thermal systems; Carbon capture systems; Energy storage, renewable hydrogen and fuel cell systems; Energy materials; Energy use in communication systems.

Engineering Management and Sustainability

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Our focus is on how individuals, businesses and societies can tap into creative and entrepreneurial flair to develop innovative solutions, in order to not only create economic value, but also solve social and environmental problems.

Equitable Development and Resilience Centred on development and social justice issues, our group continually reflects upon how individual and collective agency can contribute to meaningful change around climate action and sustainability across Global North and South nations.

Experimental Techniques Centre A highly regarded cross-disciplinary characterisation facility, with specialist staff that have expertise from various scientific disciplines, e.g. biology, metallurgy, geology and engineering.

Financial Mathematics and Operational Research Developing advanced mathematical, probabilistic and optimisation approaches to problems in financial mathematics and operational research.

Flood Risk and Resilience Flood event prediction, management, and response; Water, wastewater, and water supply; Critical infrastructure and sector dependencies and interdependencies; Hazard vulnerabilities.

Flood, Coastal and Water Engineering The Flood, Coastal and Water Engineering Group addresses the challenges of water scarcity, aging water infrastructures and flood management in the UK and worldwide. The group also concentrates on providing research solutions for recycling water and offering sustainable water resources for domestic and industrial uses.

Genome Engineering and Maintenance Diverse research network focused on molecular, cellular, organismal and computational aspects of genome biology.

Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Delivering a new understanding of our geo-environment and critical infrastructure in diverse ecosystems, for predicting and preventing catastrophic failure and responding to the need for decarbonisation and energy security.

Global Lives Research conducted in the Centre addresses the challenges facing society, helping to change the lives of people around the world by bringing economic, social and cultural benefits.

Health and Wellbeing Across the Lifecourse Inequalities in health and wellbeing in the UK and internationally; welfare, health and wellbeing; ageing studies; health economics.

Health Behaviour Change Development and evaluation of theory- and evidence-based health behaviour change interventions, across communicable and non-communicable diseases; evidence synthesis of behaviour change interventions.

Health Economics (HERG) Our strategic focus is on economic evaluation and systematic reviews of a broad range of clinical and health service technologies by providing high-quality, applied, policy-relevant research, as well as developing and refining methods to increase the rigour and relevance of such studies.

Health Effects of Radiological and Chemical Agents The generation, promotion and integration of new, multi-disciplinary research that is particular to the British nuclear test veteran community, their genomic health and the impact of uncertainty on health more broadly.

Healthcare Management, Culture and Leadership Group We focus on the intersection among healthcare management, culture and leadership from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.

Heat Pipe and Thermal Management Thermal management; Energy efficiency development; Emission reduction; Energy recovery; Heat-pipe technology; Heat exchangers; Fluid dynamics.

Histories and Concepts of Anthropological Knowledge Research into historicity, emotion, ignorance, and memory, as well as on the fundamentals of anthropology: ethnographic practice and writing.

Human Computer Interaction Investigating ways in which humans and computers can interact through intuitive interface design, understanding of human factors and multimedia.

Human Geography Aims to develop and consolidate interdisciplinary research around space, place and society at Brunel. We provide a forum for engagement with geographical research, for sharing and receiving feedback on writing and developing new collaborations nationally and internationally.

Human Geography: space, place and society A space in which to encounter and deepen engagement with cutting edge spatial, urban and geographical research and theory.

Human Resource Management and Organization Behaviour The group's five main themes of research include excellence in workplace innovation, diversity, team work, social inclusion, and employee selection.

Human rights, society and arts We aim to understand, define and criticize social mobilization, cultural challenges and institutional limitations over conflicting notions of human rights, building on the wide and world-leading human rights expertise of Brunel academics.

Human-centred Design Covering inclusive design, design for ageing demographics, and perception enhancement.

Inclusive Design Inclusive Design Research Group at Brunel University London brings together multidisciplinary expertise to understand different factors causing exclusion, to develop methods and interventions for improvement, and to advance the knowledge of design for inclusion.

Inflammation Research and Translational Medicine Driving scientific innovation and discovery for diagnosis, treatment, and management of cardiovascular disease, inflammatory and immune disorders, microbial resistance, and cancer.

Institute of Communities and Society The Institute focuses on the social, community, and cultural aspects of pressing contemporary issues including migration and movement, social unrest, intersectional inequalities, and institutionalised poverty.

Institute of Digital Futures Brings together digital science and technology innovation and advancement, aligned with the Grand Challenges of the UK’s Industrial Strategy, thereby enhancing the global citizen’s quality of life.

Institute of Energy Futures We have particular strengths in environmental design in refrigeration, heating and cooling and disruptive energy and fuels bringing together researchers from different disciplines as well as mainstream engineering research.

Institute of Health, Medicine and Environments Our challenge-led work in health and wellbeing focuses on understanding the relationships between biological, social, natural, and built environments and health and wellbeing outcomes.

Institute of Materials and Manufacturing Aims to improve the performance of materials and structures and become the leading international provider of materials and manufacturing research.

Intelligence and Security Studies As an inter-disciplinary research centre, established to deal specifically with intelligence issues, policy and institutions, to promote and develop social science and policy-oriented approaches to intelligence.

Intelligent Data Analysis Concerned with effective analysis of data involving artificial intelligence, dynamic systems, image and signal processing, optimisation, pattern recognition, statistics and visualisation.

Intelligent Digital Economy and Society Research into intelligent digital economy and society using AI, data analytics, 6G, media, human-machine interaction, digital games, augmented and virtual reality, digital twins, IoTs, cyber security, data & information fusion.

Interactive Multimedia Systems Building sensor and media-rich, cross-layer, inclusive e-systems, with an interest in human-machine interaction, sensorial-based interfaces, data visualisation and multimedia.

Interculturality for Diversity and Global Learning Challenging conventional attitudes and practices and promoting respectful and effective intercultural communication, cross-cultural intelligence, diversity and inclusion, within a world that is increasingly interconnected digitally.

International History We are a group of historians focusing on the fundamental role that identity plays in the modern age, including gender, religious, ethnic and national identity, and the role of boundaries in demarcating collective identities. Our work is highly relevant to analyses of contemporary conflict, as we contribute a historical perspective to studies of conflict over borders or ethnicity.

International Law Addressing the fields of public international law, from human rights law to refugee law, the laws of war, international criminal law and dispute resolution.

International Medical Anthropology Alleviating inequality, suffering from disease and contributing to debates on global health medical anthropology and Disability Studies

International Relations Our political scientists and historians work on vital international problems like security and intelligence, or violent conflict.

Kidspace: Key skills and participation in childhood Research on key skills and participation in childhood

Law, Economics and Finance The Centre for Law, Economics and Finance aims to advance the wider societal impact of our research by engaging with policymakers, practitioners and other stakeholder.

LEAP-Lab: Learning, Expertise, Action, Perception Three innovative spaces, which collectively support a thriving research culture in which staff and students work collaboratively to produce high-quality research on the topics of Learning, Expertise, Action, and Perception.

Liquid Metal Engineering Hub The Hub's research programme, co-created with industry partners, focuses on the closed-loop recycling of metallic materials as the single greatest challenge and opportunity facing the global manufacturing industry.

Living avatars Uniquely interdisciplinary approach to better understand the social, cognitive, and political impacts of avatar use.

Macroeconomics The focus of the centre is to conduct first-rate research into macroeconomics aspects of a range of issues such as unemployment, debt and financial instability.

Magna Carta We analyse how best to create and maintain just societies that fairly balance both personal freedom and authority, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals and society.

Marketing and Corporate Brand Management Our research-active faculty are engaged in cutting-edge applied scholarship across a broad spectrum of marketing areas.

Mathematical and Statistical Modelling Established in 2021 the Centre spotlights the transformative role of mathematics and statistics in innovative projects, their impact in real-world applications and in adding societal and economic value.

Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics Innovating analytical methods for problems arising from engineering and physical sciences.

Mechanics of Solids and Structures Internationally leading research in the areas of experimental testing and computational modelling of solids and structures.

Media Communication Conducting, promoting and disseminating world-class research in the expanding area of Media Communications systems and technologies.

Modelling and Simulation Investigating how modelling and simulation can be supported by research into high-performance computing, e-infrastructures, cyberinfrastructures, cloud computing and web-based simulation.

National Structural Integrity Research Centre Leading the way in cutting-edge research focused on engineering and materials, Cambridge based National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) is embedded within TWI's headquarters. Brunel serves proudly as the lead academic partner in the joint initiative with TWI.

Non-traditional Manufacturing Technologies Development, application, and implementation of non-traditional manufacturing technologies: electro-discharge machining, electrochemical machining, laser technologies, vibration machining of brittle materials, abrasive flow machining, electroforming, diamond machining, ultrasonic machining and many more.

Open data analysis in social and political science A forum for discussion and analysis of key issues in theory-driven empirical research in social and political science.

Operations and Information Systems Management We specialize in responsible and sustainable operation management exploring information systems, operations research, management science, and general management and strategic management knowledge and approaches across public and private industry sectors

Organ-on-a-Chip The group’s main research focus is on women’s health and developing four main organ-on-a-chip (OOC) models: the breast, vagina, ovary, and placenta.

Pedagogy, Policy and Professional Education Focusing on pedagogy, policy and professional education, including the education of teachers.

Performance and Ephemeral Sustainabilities in Public Space Cultural politics of performance; Socially-engaged theatre; Site-specific and urban performance; Digital and intermedial performance; Performer training; Writing for performance and audio-visual composition.

Performance, Cultures and Politics An open interactive laboratory for exploratory research in the time-based arts of theatre, performance and performance media.

Performance, Politics and Violence From symbolic, mystical and structural violence to genocide and other forms of physical violence, and from far-reaching State and international political control to the micro-politics of everyday life.

Physical Activity in Health and Disease The centre conducts interdisciplinary research to improve human health and performance through regular physical activity and exercise, and by limiting sedentary behaviour.

Pollution Research and Policy Predictive approaches in toxicology, including combined chemical exposures and development of new frameworks for non-animal approaches for predicting toxicity; Endocrine disruptor research with an emphasis on mechanisms of disease and test method development; Pollution monitoring, clean-up technologies and chemical analytics.

Resilient Structures and Construction Materials RIMS research group brings together material scientists and structural engineers to deliver resilient infrastructure (buildings, bridges etc.) made of sustainable, advanced materials to perform under harsh natural environment and human-induced hazards.

Resource Efficient Future Cities Urban energy; Sustainable advanced materials; Energy efficiency in buildings; System integration of energy and infrastructure planning at community/district/city scales.

Robotics and Automation We carry out world-class research in robotics and autonomous systems, exploiting and exploring opportunities to develop innovative solutions for industrial and societal applications.

Sensors and Instrumentation Research in detectors, instrumentation, and data analysis methods applied in high energy particle physics, space science, medical imaging, and remote instrumentation and control.

Smart Technology Advancements in Health and Rehabilitation Data science/wearable technology and Rehabilitation; Haptic feedback, multi-sensory interfacing and Robotics in Health; Immersion and Engagement in Virtual Rehabilitation; TeleHealth/TeleRehab; Data: using AI and Machine learning to improve health.

Social Justice Concepts of social justice and understanding of climate change, health and wellbeing, digitalisation, poverty, conflict, and inequality. Our focus is on a broad social justice agenda that is alert to and critical of inequalities.

South Asia Studies We provide a research base for the development of new South Asia specific programmes and teaching, and bring together scholars from across the University working on South Asia from different disciplinary perspectives.

Statistics and Data Science Strategic growth area of statistical methods and models for data science.

STEM Education Research about education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Strategy Entrepreneurship and International Business Our themes of research range from entrepreneurial and internationalisation strategies of small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to inward and outward investment by large enterprises and supra-national governance.

Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains Energy demand and GHG emissions reduction in all stages of the food chain; optimal ways the food chain can utilise different energy sources and interact with the energy supply system; resource efficiency through intensification of food processing.

Sustainable Plastics SPLaSH group combines the strengths of social scientists in the Department of Social and Political Sciences with colleagues working in the area of plastic pollution from Environmental Sciences, Design, Business & Marketing, and Engineering. We are leading experts on behaviour change, public health protection, resource and waste management, governance aspects and sustainability design.

Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Focussing on various aspects of fluid flow and heat transfer, from the nano to the macro scale with applications to industrial thermal systems, aerospace, energy generation, process industries as well as carbon capture and utilisation.

Wireless Network and Communication Application of Networks for the communication of information, media and services within the media, energy and environment, security and defence, manufacturing and medical industries.

Wolfson Centre for Sustainable Materials Development and Processing Research into the development and processing of new materials including nano-materials, nano-phosphors and nanostructured carbon, biofuels, polymers and bio-polymers.